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Toxic Oil And Gas Wastewater Used To Treat Roads Contains Radium

Toxic Oil and Gas Wastewater Used to Treat Roads Way More Toxic Than Previously Thought – Spills Into Waterways Particularly in post Free Trade America, municipalities are facing some tough choices when it comes to de-icing and suppressing dust on their roads. This is because a number of states are using oil and gas wastewater Read More…

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Israel Caught Illegally Spraying Toxic Herbicides On Palestinian Farms, Destroying Their Food

Israel is being accused of destroying Palestinian crops by spraying excessive toxic herbicides that damaged both their food and water supply. (TFTP) Israel is being accused of illegally spraying toxic herbicides on Palestinian farmlands along the border between the Gaza Strip and the occupied Palestinian territories, causing significant damage to Palestine’s agricultural crops. Nearly 2 Read More…

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ADA Untroubled By Yet Another Study Pointing To Fluoride’s Negative Health Impacts

Fluoridation was sold to Americans by none other than the father of public relations himself, Edward Bernays — a nephew of Sigmund Freud, who applied his uncle’s ideas on psychological persuasion for the benefit of industry and government propaganda. For decades, many groups have fought against the inclusion of fluoride in publicly supplied water, arguing that Read More…