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The Las Vegas Shooting And What You Aren’t Seeing

The idea of a false flag, while having a verifiable history in both the US and elsewhere, has been largely seen as a “conspiracy theory” throughout the years, again, despite tangible evidence to the contrary. Why is that? That type of collectively incorrect group-think perspective, on a specific topic, simply does not happen organically; it’s created, cultivated, and stoked. Meaning there was, and is, a concerted effort Read More…

Flat Earth
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Flat Earth Theory – An Exercise in Keeping an Open Mind

In this day and age of misdirection, manipulation and misinformation, a Truther must be careful not to easily fall victim to what’s referred to as a “Limited Hang out” or psyop, or an intentional psychological operation designed to lead the believer in a direction that discredits the other beliefs the Truther may hold, that may in Read More…