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Step Inside a Real SWAT Team Pot Raid — See if You Can Tell Who the ‘Bad Guys’ Are

Mansfield, OH — If a dozen men armed with assault rifles drove up to your house, smashed out your doors and windows, ransacked your belongings, and robbed you of your hard-earned money — this story would undoubtedly be on news channels across the country. People would quickly arm themselves and groups would form to protect Read More…

Constitutional Rights Marijuana Movement Police State Top News

SWAT Team Raids Unarmed Man’s Home and Kills Him Over Two Grams of Pot

Another life was taken by cops in the senseless war on drugs, this time an unarmed man sitting in a bedroom with two grams of weed. A military-style raid took place at the home of Levonia Riggins, 22, by a SWAT team looking for “illegal narcotics.” Riggins, who had previously been arrested for cannabis possession Read More…

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Miss Australia Left Disfigured Because Police Threw a Flashbang Grenade into Her Bed as She Slept

Queensland – While sleeping in bed with her fiancé, a former Miss Australia awoke to a police flashbang grenade disfiguring her face and melting her hand. Although she required immediate medical attention, paramedics did not arrive at the scene until 40 minutes later. Crowned Miss International Australia in 2013, Felicia Djamirze was asleep in bed Read More…