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US Afghanistan Sanctions Are Starving 1 Million Children To Death

According to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), one million Afghan children are now at risk of acute malnutrition leading to death if there is no immediate action to secure humanitarian relief. The urgency of the matter proving the lethal nature of US sanctions. As of early this January, the UN estimates that 9 million Read More…

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True Yemen Death Toll Five Times Higher Than Previous Estimate, Researchers Say

At least 56,000 people have been killed in armed violence in Yemen since January 2016, according to data collected by an independent research group, a tally that is more than five times higher than previously reported. The new figure encompasses the deaths of both combatants and civilians in Yemen between January 2016 and 20 October Read More…

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US Bombs, Saudi Blockade & Manufactured Starvation – The Truth About Yemen w/ Hussain Albukhaiti

Despite the mainstream media’s best efforts to ignore and obfuscate the ongoing genocide of the Yemeni people — being carried out by the US-backed Saudi coalition — the work on the ground from within Yemen by actual investigative journalists, such as my guest today Hussain Albukhaiti, has forced the world to pay attention; it has Read More…

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Nearly 600,000 Children At Risk Of Death From Hunger In War Zones

A startling new report from Save the Children states that an estimated 590,000 children in war-zones will die from malnutrition as they are expected to not receive treatment. Save the Children hypothesized that there are 4.5 million children under the age of 5 that need treatment for life-threatening malnutrition in some of the most war-torn regions in Read More…

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US-Backed War Risks Killing An ‘Entire Generation’ Of Yemeni Children

More than five million children are at risk of famine in Yemen as the ongoing war causes food and fuel prices to soar across the country, charity Save the Children warned on Wednesday. Disruption to supplies coming through the embattled Red Sea port city of Hodeidah could “cause starvation on an unprecedented scale”, the British Read More…

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US, UK, Saudis, And UAE Want Yemenis To Starve

Famine stalks Yemen because of US/UK supported bombing raids coupled with a naval blockade – ignoring the laws of war.  On Thursday, UN humanitarian official in Yemen Lise Grande said war in the country continues taking an “incalculable human” toll, adding: Conditions “deteriorated dramatically in (recent) days. Families are absolutely terrified by” endless terror-bombing and shelling, countless Read More…