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French Ground Troops Enter Syria, Bolstering US Military Operations

An unspecified number of French special forces troops have crossed the border into Syria’s Kurdish region Thursday, entering the town of Rmelan. The troops entered from positions they’d previously held in neighboring Iraq. The exact size of the French military presence in Syria is unclear, but Turkish media report French troops are present at five Read More…

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US Is Now Basically In An Illegal War With Syria and Nobody’s Talking About It

If you were to check the headlines, the home pages, or even the back pages of the world’s largest media outlets right now, you would have no idea that just yesterday, the U.S. launched an illegal act of war against another sovereign government. If you were fortunate enough to see the story buried beneath the Read More…

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Saudi Arabia Gives Qatar 24 Hour Ultimatum As Analysts Warn Of “Military Confrontation”

Shortly after imposing a naval blockade in the immediate aftermath of the Qatar diplomatic crisis, one which left the small Gulf nation not only politically isolated and with severed ties to its neighbors but potentially locked out of maritime trade and crippling its oil and LNG exports, on Tuesday SkyNews Arabia reported that Saudi Arabia has given Read More…

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Syria Says US Airstrike Killed Several Soldiers Near Jordan Border

(AntiWar) Information continues to slowly trickle in related to last week’s US airstrike against a Syrian military convoy in thee nation’s south, with Syrian officials accusing the US of having committed a “massacre” and launching strikes which killed several soldiers. Exact figures were not released. The US claimed the attack targeted a convoy which had gotten within Read More…