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Terrorist Attacks Receive Five Times More Media Coverage If The “Terrorist” Is Muslim

A new study found that terrorist attacks allegedly carried out by Muslims receive over five times more media coverage than those carried out by non-Muslims in the United States. This isn’t necessarily surprising, as mainstream media (MSM) has worked alongside the U.S. government to paint an elaborate picture about false enemies such as al-Qaeda and the Read More…

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Feelings Over Facts: The Social Engineering Of America And Its Business Of War

“The United States does not have a national health care system worthy of the name, because it is in the war business, not the health business or the social equality business…War is not a side issue in the United States; it is the central political issue, on which all the others turn.” – Glen Ford As Read More…

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How Big Data is Engineering Your Life

“I’ve got no strings So I have fun I’m not tied up to anyone They’ve got strings But you can see There are no strings on me!” –Pinocchio Pinocchio is the story of a marionette that dreams of becoming a real boy. He wishes upon a star, proves himself brave, selfless and true, and a Read More…

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Your Children Are Being Programmed

Swat team Lego. Cashless monopoly. Barbie’s new credit card. If I didn’t know better, I’d say that the social engineers figured out long ago that the best time for the public to be programmed is when they’re young and impressionable. But nahhhhh, that’s probably just a load of rich, creamery butter. (And knowing is half the Read More…

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4 Ways The System Tries to Hold Us Back From Our Awakening

We are living in truly extraordinary times. The veil of secrecy is being lifted like never before in history. In this time of awakening, humankind is drawing back the mask and emerging as a truly special species. In a very small amount of time, but particularly in the past few years, more people than ever Read More…

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KRS-One and the Government Infiltration of Hip Hop

In November, rapper and social activist KRS-One discussed the relevance of secret societies in today’s culture. While this is not something that is new to his line of conversations, this ten-or-so minute video (the video can be seen below) provides some interesting and even perplexing new information from the man who is considered the “leader” Read More…