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America, China, And The Battle For The “Indo-Pacific”

Goodbye, Asia-Pacific! Hello, Indo-Pacific? That’s right, the old “Asia-Pacific” label is so last decade, guys. It’s time to start calling that part of the globe the “Indo-Pacific.” Who cares if it’s geographically nonsensical? America’s military planners and their think tank lackeys are starting to change their nomenclature, and you should too! The term entered the vernacular last Read More…

false flag
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A False Flag Exposed, Trump’s Version of “America First,” And Globalization 2.0

Not only is the idea of Globalization no longer being named a wild conspiracy theory, but now, China is promoting it’s own divergent agenda, from that of the Western goals, and is openly naming it Globalization 2.0. The US continues to boast its America first policy if only in name, as it progresses the current Read More…