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Beginner’s Guide to Metaphysics – Part 3: Witchcraft – Paganism, Voodoo and Native American Mysticism

Originally Published March 15, 2016 Paganism, Voodoo, and the spirituality of Native Americans are put in the same category in this part of the series not to generalize them as completely the same, but because so much of the cause and effect within the mysticisms are the same, and unite under the same method of spirituality: witchcraft. Witchcraft, from Read More…

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Top 10 Misunderstood Psychedelic Drugs: Understanding Post-Modern Shamanism

A subject that has received an intense amount of criticism in western culture—and continues to do so—is psychedelic drugs. Despite the fascinating scientific and anthropological results that have come from these substances, there continues to be an enormous lack of funding for scientific research of psychedelics. An onslaught of disinformation regarding these chemicals has hindered their Read More…

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Psychedelics & Shamanism: An Esoteric Manipulation of Human Culture – Featuring Jan Irvin of Gnostic Media

September 12th, 2016, The Last American Vagabond had the privilege of sitting down across the screen from veteran researcher, Jan Irvin, of Gnostic Media. With The Last American Vagabond’s recent and continued elaboration on the ancient, esoteric origins of politics and government through the Gnostic Mystery Initiations, this episode of Altered Boy Podcast represents an Read More…

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Your Esoteric Initiation – Part 3: Your Archetypes Own You

“Everything in life is just a matter of transmission,” a couch-surfing Eskimo once said to me, while smoking a cigarette he had just rolled. “Like starting your car.” The simplicity of the statement made it all the more poignant, especially for the situation at hand. What does it mean to say that life is a Read More…

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COEX Systems: Autonomous Mechanisms of the Ego

With the turn of the new year, The Last American Vagabond has taken some time to elaborate on a few of the concepts that together encompass the inner mechanisms of the human mind, including rehabilitative neuroplasticity; the idea of a postmodern perennialism. This concept investigates recurring themes in all schools of thought throughout religion, science, and philosophy, and an Read More…

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From Trauma to Transcendence Through Neuroplasticity

“Neurons that fire together, wire together,” Dr. Max Cynader puts it, and it’s difficult to come across a more pertinent adage in today’s era. Discussion of neurons firing and wiring draws implications so vast that it impacts everything from positive and negative emotional spectrums, to the difference between being handicapped, and a genius–or life and Read More…