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Report On Murder Of DNC Staffer Seth Rich Speculates ‘Hired Killer’ May Have Done It

A new report from a group led by Republican lobbyist Jack Burkman claims that Democratic staffer Seth Rich was likely killed by either “a hired killer or serial murderer.” The group is called the Profiling Project, and it is reportedly staffed with George Washington University graduate students who are studying forensic psychology. It’s funded by Read More…

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Watch The Missing OAN Seth Rich Report That Mysteriously Vanished From The Internet

Even in this time of overt propaganda and general disregard for individual rights, especially when it suits the empire, we all must take comfort in the fact that not everyone is lost. That is indeed the image that most have when considering either the media, or any government body, that anyone involved has, to one Read More…

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DNC Lawsuit Attorneys Fear For Their Lives, Call For Court Protection, Citing Multiple Suspicious Deaths

Founder and plaintiff in the DNC election rigging/fraud lawsuit asks the courts for special physical protection amid numerous mysterious deaths of individuals connected to the lawsuit against Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the DNC. While the rest of the United States seems fixated on this week’s Senate hearing testimony of U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions (to discuss Read More…

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Profiling Project Files Open-Records Suit Over DNC Staffer’s Murder

Founded by Republican political operative Jack Burkman, the Profiling Project is a Virginia group whose sole purpose is investigating Rich’s murder. WASHINGTON – Describing a shroud of secrecy over the death of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich, a Virginia-based group brought an open-records complaint against D.C.’s mayor and attorney general. Noting that the investigation of Read More…

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A Racist Equality Movement, Seth Rich Truth And The Destabilizing Gift Of “Democracy”

The US invaded Iraq under the false pretense that it had something to do with 9/11, and continued that invasion under the false pretense of WMDs … and left it as a war-torn terrorist controlled state. The US invaded Afghanistan under the false pretense of “spreading democracy,” and also for 9/11 … and left it as a war-torn terrorist controlled state. The Read More…

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Believing The Russian “Hacking” Claim

Government lies are common when seducing a population to support a war, but the Russian “hacking” claims are unusual in that U.S. officials supply no evidence while the “fact” is just assumed, When the U.S. public was told that Spain had blown up the Maine, or Vietnam had returned fire, or Iraq had stockpiled weapons, or Libya Read More…