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Study Suggests That Apple Deliberately Sabotages Old Products, “iPhone Slow” Peaks After Every New Release

Time and time again I’ve heard people complain about their iPhones or Mac laptops getting slower and slower, forcing them to purchase entirely new products. However, many people who have experienced this technological lull also noticed that the deterioration of their Apple products coincided with the launch of Apple’s new products. To be honest, if Read More…

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Snowden’s Revealing Tweet Exposes Exactly What Your TV Is Doing To You

Four years ago, Edward Snowden accomplished one of the most significant intelligence leaks in U.S. history, confirming to the world that the government really does spy on you. Two years later, Samsung casually warned the public that their Smart TVs could record their living room banter. Now, even if you’re alone in a room, if Read More…

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New Billboards Film You, Then Use Your Mobile Phone To Follow You

Recently, Anti-Media covered the revelation that Samsung transmits audio commands recorded by their Smart TVs to a third-party company, which raises all sorts of red flags regarding encryption standards and, more importantly, people’s privacy in their own homes. Last year, a list of surprising objects endowed with surveillance or data extraction capabilities were reported— including the Statue Read More…