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The One Question We Should All Be Asking About Establishment Russia Hysteria

Babchenko was dead, to begin with. There was no doubt whatever about that. News reports had been aired, mournful obituaries published, outraged tweets cursing Moscow flew hither and thither. Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman condemned “the Russian totalitarian machine” for assassinating a journalist simply because of his “honesty and principled stance.” UK Foreign Minister Boris Johnson proclaimed that Read More…

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Overview Of Media On Skripal Attack: Economic Causes Prevail

The ‘Skripal poisoning’ is an equation with very many known unknowns. Can we try at least to investigate these issues? Yes, we can! Independent journalists all around the world are trying to understand this strange situation and find out the real the grounds for such diplomatic steps of Great Britain. British mass media have been Read More…

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Putin Accuses “Foreign Spy Agencies” Of Supporting Terrorism To Destabilize Russia

In the first public accusation that “foreign spy agencies” are seeking to destabilize Russia made in recent years, during a meeting with Russia’s foreign intelligence agency President Vladimir Putin said that “some foreign special services” are directly supporting extremist and terrorist groups to destabilize the situation near Russia’s borders. “In general, the growing activity of Read More…