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The Shifting Of Perceptions And The Desperate Acts Of A Diminishing Power Structure

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours. (Before checking out the YouTube version below, please consider checking us out on DTube first, as we attempt to being pulling away from YouTube and Google in general) (!/v/tlavagabond/wahgyldk) Read More…

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The Bana Alabed Psy-Op Proves The West Is Saturated In War Propaganda

If I could have everyone in the English-speaking world watch only one video on Youtube, it would without a doubt be a comedy bit performed by a funny-looking professional goofball on RT. I say in all seriousness that it could change the trajectory of our species on this planet. The above segment is presented for Read More…

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Russia Just Killed ISIS Leader Baghdadi … For At Least The 4th Time

According to Russian state-owned network RT, a Russian-led airstrike in Syria has killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Russian Su-34 aircraft and a Su-35 multi-role fighter carried out airstrikes near the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa in northern Syria on May 28, the Russian Defense Ministry claimed on Friday. The strikes targeted a meeting of high-ranking Read More…

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Why Doesn’t Mainstream Media Report On Missing DC Girls?

(RT) Over the past couple of weeks almost 20 black and Latina girls have gone missing in Washington, DC. The disappearances have gained little or no attention from mainstream media. Regardless of one’s stance on the ongoing investigation into the prevalence of pedophilia within the government and positions of authority, the fact that the media Read More…

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Popular Show “Breaking the Set” Listed as One of the Justifications for Russia Punishment

Washington, D.C. – In what amounts to nothing more than a speculative assessment — which contains no actual evidence of Russian hacking — the much anticipated “Declassified Intelligence Community Assessment of Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections“ report from the Intelligence Community was released yesterday. The report is sorely lacking in any hard evidence, Read More…