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Here Is Trump’s Leaked Tax Plan

This afternoon, during a speech in Indianapolis, President Trump was expected to reveal, for the first time, the details of the long-anticipated Republican tax reform proposal that calls for substantial business and individual tax cuts. But in a political era where every little thing is leaked to the media, we no longer have to wait Read More…

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House Committee Passes Bill To “Audit The Fed”

The Republican-controlled Committee on Oversight and Government Reform approved a bill earlier today to allow for a congressional audit of the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy, a proposal Fed policymakers have opposed and likely faces a difficult path to final approval in the Senate.  Under the bill, the Fed’s monetary policy deliberations could be subject to Read More…

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Despite Differing Political Beliefs, Man Gives DC Waitress Heartwarming Note And Huge Tip

After a heated election and inauguration weekend that was rife with tension, a waitress in DC received a very generous tip and a note with a heartwarming message of unity from a Trump supporter. Fox 5 shared her story: The waitress, Rosalynd Harris, said Jason White, a dentist from west Texas, and two of his friends Read More…

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Is Trump Trying to Lose the Election to Hillary Clinton on Purpose?

“There is an adage in politics: Don’t get in the way of a train wreck,” said Democratic strategist Bob Shrum, a top campaign aide to presidential candidates Al Gore in 2000 and John Kerry in 2004. And, as Reuters reports, Clinton’s advisers say they see little benefit in her going toe-to-toe with Trump over every personal Read More…