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Over 70 People Hospitalized In Syria’s Aleppo After Western-Backed Militants Shell City With Poison Gas – Reports

At least 73 residents of neighborhoods in Syria’s Aleppo have been treated for symptoms of toxic gas poisoning after militants attacked the residential area with gas-filled munitions, Syrian media reported. The Al-Khalidiye and Al Zahraa neighborhoods, as well as Nile Street, were targeted by rocket fire on Saturday evening, Syria’s state SANA news agency reported. Read More…

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Trump Swaps Funds After Deciding Syria Recovery Not As Useful As Arming Rebels, Including Former ISIS Fighters

When the dust settles, the Trump administration will have cut funds for rebuilding the parts of Syria it helped destroy and instead allocated those funds for arming extremist elements that seek to transform northeastern Syria. WASHINGTON – Back in March, amid speculation that President Donald Trump would push for a withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria, Read More…

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Israel Now Arming 7 Terrorist Groups In Syria, Report

Israel has long been known to provide support to terrorists operating in Syria ever since the crisis began in 2011. From providing medical support to terrorist fighters as well as training and intelligence and even some amount of weaponry and logistics, the Israelis have openly supported the so-called rebels in their efforts to overthrow the secular government Read More…

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Media Demands Military Action Against Assad For Doing What The US Did In Iraq

According to prominent mainstream media sources, the Syrian government is currently unleashing a massive bombing campaign in Eastern Ghouta, a part of Syria that has some 393,000 people trapped in what the media calls an enclave. According to these reports, at least 500 civilians have been killed since Syrian government forces intensified their bombardment nine days Read More…

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Syrian Forces Launch Ground Offensive Into Rebel-Held Eastern Ghouta

After a week and a half of strikes softening up the area, and killing large numbers of civilian bystanders, Syrian ground troops launched an offensive on Wednesday into the rebel enclave of Eastern Ghouta.  Eastern Ghouta, a suburb of the capital city of Damascus, is the last substantial rebel-held territory in the area, which has been under protracted Read More…

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Israel Pursuing War Against Iran Obliquely Through Al-Qaeda And Directly Via Airstrikes

Washington’s obsession with attempting to intervene in Syria was never really aimed at Syria, but was instead aimed at containing Iranian influence for the benefit of the Israeli government. Now, with the failure of that mission, Israel has decided it needs to step up its own game. TEL AVIV, ISRAEL (Analysis) — On Saturday, December 2, Read More…