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Beginner’s Guide to Metaphysics – Part 1: Introduction

Originally Published on February 10, 2016  “That’s why we look behind appearances, see the world like the eye on the pyramids” – Raiza Biza In today’s society, “magic” and “religion” have become loaded words. From a scientific perspective, they have become akin to fairy-tales, folklore, and psychological simplicity. Those who find the value in it are sometimes Read More…

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Science Verifies Ancient Hindu “Kundalini Meditation” Benefits 

For quite some time now, science has continued to produce empirical results that correlate with ancient knowledge–yet rarely does anyone bring these correlates to light. As well, even when science does make the comparison, it is rarely remembered! For example: unknown to many, Nikola Tesla himself was deeply influenced and inspired by Hindu philosophy, specifically Read More…

Prisca Theologia
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Prisca Theologia – The Perennial Thread of Ancient Wisdom

The current Age of Information has brought about a drastic and notable split in the trifecta of thought that creates the human intellect. These three pieces, Science, Religion, and Philosophy, continue to argue that they are all mutually exclusive, yet have never been able to exist apart from each other. In today’s postmodern era there Read More…