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Don’t Look Now, But The US Has Boots On The Ground In The Philippines

U.S. special forces are now assisting the Philippines’ military to quash an ISIS-inspired movement in the Pacific nation as government forces are struggling to make significant headway against the militants. From the Manila Times: Philippine troops are struggling to defeat hundreds of fighters, who rampaged through Marawi on May 23 flying black flags of the Read More…

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Did You Know ISIS is Now in The Philippines? Here’s What You Aren’t Being Told

For uninformed members of the public, news that the Filipino government is currently battling an ISIS-linked insurgency may come as a total shock. From the Independent: “A group of heavily-armed militants from a group linked to ISIS have reportedly stormed a city in the Philippines and engaged in firefights with the national army.” According to Reuters, Read More…

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Philippine President Duterte Fears CIA Assassination, Blames U.S. for ISIS Presence

In the wake of a recent Daesh (ISIS) attack that claimed one of his country’s cities, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has expressed concern that the U.S. may be seeking to destabilize the country, even suggesting that the U.S. could attempt to assassinate him. This comes ahead of the Philippines attempting to stray away from US Read More…

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Maybe Government Death Squads Are A Bad Idea

Remember when I warned about the worrying signs that Filipino President Rodrigo “Dirty Harry” Duterte was setting up a police state, including deputizing the public to kill suspected criminals, threatening martial law if the judiciary tried to stop him and endorsing the killing of journalists? Well, to adopt the parlance of the millennial Buzzfeed set, Read More…