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Israel’s “One Of A Kind” New Apartheid Wall To Choke Gaza: A Triple-Layered Sea Barrier

Unimpeded by an international community that remains largely silent over Israeli crimes, Tel Aviv has subjected the people of Gaza to numerous novel and experimental tools of repression and weapons delivery systems, including new unmanned systems and militarized methods of spatial control. TEL AVIV, ISRAEL — Whatever one’s opinion may be about the ongoing Israeli dispossession Read More…

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US, France, UK, Establish More Bases In Syria To Push Breakup Of Country

As virtually all pretense of leaving Syria has vanished from the rhetoric of the White House, American and French soldiers have now moved into Kurdish-held territory in northern Syria near Manbij in an effort to prevent Turkish military operations aimed at clearing the Kurds from the border area as well as any Syrian attempt to liberate northern Read More…

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Troop Pullout Unlikely As US Bolsters Existing Military Presence In Syria

While President Trump still talks about withdrawing troops from Syria “relatively soon,” the impression on the ground in Syria is very much that US troops are staying. The Pentagon is showing no signs of rolling back deployments, and is adding more reinforcements into the area. Over 2,000 US troops are deployed at a dozen bases in Syria, mostly Read More…

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French Ground Troops Enter Syria, Bolstering US Military Operations

An unspecified number of French special forces troops have crossed the border into Syria’s Kurdish region Thursday, entering the town of Rmelan. The troops entered from positions they’d previously held in neighboring Iraq. The exact size of the French military presence in Syria is unclear, but Turkish media report French troops are present at five Read More…

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Trump Seeks Congressional Funding For 60,000-Man Army To Overthrow Assad

ISIS, or ISIL, or Islamic State, has been almost completely defeated in Syria, but the U.S. Department of Defense is requesting an increase instead of a decrease in funding to support “Vetted Syrian Opposition,” or fighters in Syria against Syria’s Government, and it refers to these fighters as being part of America’s “strategy to defeat Read More…

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America’s Illegal Sojourn In Syria

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the Donald Trump administration has recently affirmed that it has a perfect legal right to remain in Syria as long as it wishes because it is fighting terrorism. The argument goes something like this: Congress has approved a bill that permits the US military to seek out and Read More…