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Amnesty Calls For Probe Of UAE Forces Torturing Detainees At Secret Prisons In Yemen

Amnesty International on Thursday accused members of the United Arab Emirates armed forces and allied Yemeni fighters of torturing and abusing detainees in a network of secret prisons across southern Yemen. The human rights group said in the report that scores of men had been “forcibly disappeared” and subjected to systematic torture and ill treatment by UAE Read More…

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Secret US 2006 Gov’t Document Reveals Plan To Destabilize Syria By Using Extremists, Muslim Brotherhood, Elections

As the Syrian government makes massive gains across the country, many are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel for the Western destabilization and attempt to destroy the secular government of Syria by the United States and the West. However, it must be remembered that the goal to impose hegemony across Read More…

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DNC Lawyer Scrambles To Block Evidence From Hidden Laptop Tied To Wasserman Schultz

A lawyer for former DNC IT staffer Imran Awan is scrambling to block evidence found on a hidden laptop which may contain proof of a massive spy ring operating at the highest levels of Congress, in what may be the largest breach of National Security in U.S. history. Awan, a Pakistani national, worked for dozens of Democratic members of Congress Read More…