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Israel Complains Syria Is Defending Itself

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman is concerned Syria may finally be able to defend itself against Israel’s attacks. Israel will definitely respond if S-300 systems are directed against it, says Israeli Defense Minister Liberman — Dan Waldron (@danwaldny) May 3, 2018 Last month Russia said it will deliver free of charge its advanced S-300 missile system to Read More…

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The Latest: US Official Admits North Korean Missiles Aren’t Threat To America

Geopolitical moves are being made on the issue of North Korea. A day after South Korea’s new government offered to hold military talks with its neighbor to the North, the United States’ second-highest ranking military official admitted Tuesday that North Korean missiles lack the accuracy to effectively target U.S. cities. On Monday, South Korea’s defense ministry proposed Read More…

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Spreading The Patriotism: U.S. Sells Patriot Missiles To Several East European Nations

The United States in the last week has initiated Patriot missile sales to multiple East European and Baltic countries, as well as deployed the missile system in Lithuania for NATO war game exercises. “The deployment of Patriots is important because it demonstrates that such moves are no longer a taboo in the region,” Lithuanian Defense Read More…