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Millions Of Bees Dead After South Carolina Aerial Zika Spraying Despite Toxicity Knowledge

“Nuked” bees. A little known aerial, pesticide spraying campaign in South Carolina led to a devastating instant mass bee death… Zika virus hysteria has now reached untold heights. First it was the morbid but questionable association with microcephaly, the strange timing of releasing genetically engineered mosquitoes, vaccine development at break-neck speed, and officials going door-to-door Read More…

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The Questionable Science Behind Zika, Microcephaly, & the CDC 

With the CDC’s recent announcement of the first case of microcephaly related to Zika virus in the United States, and their latest stance that “concludes Zika causes microcephaly and other birth defects,” it is becoming increasingly important for individuals to do their own research about these diseases–and not take the CDC’s word for it.  In Read More…

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Brazil Ends Monsanto Linked Pesticide Use to Fight Zika After It’s Exposed as Cause of Birth Defects

On Sunday, information was released by the Physicians in the Crop-Sprayed Towns (PCST), who revealed that the Brazilian government’s assertion that microcephaly was caused by the Zika virus was not substantial. PCST exposed a popular larvacide pyriproxyfen to be the actual suspect. The chemical, pyriproxyfen, was added to the state of Pernambuco’s drinking-water reservoirs in 2014, Read More…

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The Zika Microcephaly Connection: Understanding the Numbers

President Juan Manuel Santos announced Saturday that more than 3,100 pregnant woman in Columbia are currently infected with the mosquito-borne Zika virus. As of now the Zika virus is said to have mild to moderate symptoms and not thought to be life threatening. That threat alone would not be enough to herald the “next big Read More…