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Spending Our Way Out Of A Fiscal Crisis

According to financial writer Simon Black, the federal government is spending approximately 52,000 dollars per second. This, not last year’s tax cuts, is the reason why the national debt has reached a record 21 trillion dollars, which is more than America’s gross domestic product (GDP). Another ominous sign is that this year both Social Security Read More…

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As Social Security And Medicare Go Bankrupt, US Gives $10.5 Million A Day To Israel

While the United States gives Israel around $10.5 million a day, reports indicate that Social Security and Medicare funds will soon be depleted. (TFTP) As the United States government admits that Social Security and Medicare services are going bankrupt and will both be completely depleted within the next 16 years, American taxpayers are giving around $10.5 Read More…

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The Path To Default: Between Just Three Programs, US Already Spends More Than It Collects

…And Now For The Bad News In the late 1760s and early 1770s, the government of France was in a deep panic. They had recently suffered a disastrous and costly defeat in the Seven Years War, and the national budget was a complete mess. France had spent most of the previous century as the world’s Read More…