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Israeli Warplanes Strike Iranian Forces At Military Base In Syria: Reports

Syria on Sunday accused Israel of targeting an air base in central Homs province, adding that its defenses hit a jet involved in the attack. “Our air defenses are responding to an Israeli aggression and intercepting a number of missiles targeting the airport, hitting one of the attacking planes and forcing the rest to leave Read More…

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‘US Secret Services’ Direct Major Offensive On Russian/Syrian Forces — Suffer Devastating Defeat

“In plain English this means that the US and Daesh have lost the war.” – The Saker On Wednesday evening, Russia Insider released the story that the Russian Defense Ministry was claiming: ‘US Secret Services’ had directed a major offensive against Russian – Syrian forces A goal was the capture of 29 Russian peacekeepers The attack was Read More…

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Trump Orders Media Blackout At Government Agencies: Bans Use Of Social Media, Bars New EPA Contracts

It wasn’t just the EPA. Earlier today, it was reported that the Trump administration instituted a media blackout at the Environmental Protection Agency and barred staff from awarding any new contracts or grants. Emails sent to EPA staff since President Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday and reviewed by The Associated Press, detailed the specific prohibitions Read More…

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You Didn’t Hear About This Muslim March Against Terror Because Media Didn’t Cover It

(ANONHQ) When thousands of Muslims took to the streets of London a few weeks ago for an annual March against terrorism, the double standard surrounding Muslim related events and reports was revealed once more. As the majority of mainstream media outlets serve corporate interests, bias reporting of controversial topics — particularly Muslims and the terror threat — Read More…