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Nasa’s Agenda: Water on Mars or Gradual Revelations

In lieu of NASA’s recent report of “the strongest evidence yet” that liquid water exists on Mars, many people are indulging concepts of extraterrestrial life with rejuvenated argument, but something a great deal of alternative information individuals seem to be constantly reminding others of is the shady and fairly ominous beginnings of NASA, dating back Read More…

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One Step Forward for Mankind, One Giant Step Backward for Humanity: Mars One

Dutch company, Mars One, has recently whittled down to its initial 202,586 applicants to 100 contestants competing for quite an unbelievable prize: a one way ticket to Mars. These 100 “lucky” finalists are vying for the chance to ultimately be one of 4 selected applicants slated to become the world’s first Martians, never to walk Read More…