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Beginner’s Guide to Metaphysics – Part 1: Introduction

Originally Published on February 10, 2016  “That’s why we look behind appearances, see the world like the eye on the pyramids” – Raiza Biza In today’s society, “magic” and “religion” have become loaded words. From a scientific perspective, they have become akin to fairy-tales, folklore, and psychological simplicity. Those who find the value in it are sometimes Read More…

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Congress Proposes Bill to Recognize “Magic” as a “National Treasure”

A very peculiar bill was recently submitted by the House of Representatives to Congress, dated March 14th 2016, entitled “H. RES. 642: Recognizing magic as a rare and valuable art form and national treasure.” While it may seem hard to take seriously, this is a real proposal, and the link can be seen here, from Read More…

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A Modern Assessment of “Magick”

To discuss “magick” openly is something that has been socially orchestrated to lead to many different pitfalls, misconceptions, and total misunderstandings. Over the course of the centuries the media has avidly portrayed magick to be nothing more than fictitious superpowers, or claim it’s granted by the Devil for nefarious misgivings. These misconceptions have stemmed from the early Vatican Read More…