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US-Backed Neo-Nazis Kidnap Journalist For Reporting On Government Corruption

The kidnapping and deportation of a journalist in Ukraine exposes the extreme lack of democratic values in the US-backed neo-Nazi regime. (TFTP) Kiev, Ukraine – In yet another glaring example of the lack of democratic values present within the US-backed neo-Nazi Ukrainian puppet government, Anna Kurbatova, a reporter for Russia’s Channel 1, was kidnapped off Read More…

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Kidnapped And Never Seen Again: UAE Accused Of Forced Disappearances In Yemen

An armed force run by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has kidnapped hundreds of men in Yemen, according to relatives and local human rights activists, fueling concerns about the United States’ choice of partners in its war against Islamic extremism. Yemenis say that over the past year, men in uniform have been coming to people’s Read More…