Abrahamic Mysticism
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Beginner’s Guide to Metaphysics – Part 4: Abrahamic Mysticism – Catholicism, Kabbalah and Islam

Originally posted April 1, 2016 Abrahamic Mysticism consists primarily of the metaphysics of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. While these religions today are heavily used throughout society with little incorporation of metaphysic understanding, mysticism would not be the same without them. Easily the most dominant contribution to the occult of these would be Judaism, through a Read More…

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Recordings Reveal FBI Gave Man A Rifle, Urged Him To Carry Out Mass Shooting To “Defend Islam”

It’s become a near-weekly occurrence. Somewhere in some state, the FBI will announce that they’ve foiled yet another terrorist plot and saved lives. However, as the data shows, the majority of these cases involve psychologically diminished patsies who’ve been entirely groomed, armed, and entrapped by FBI agents. Simply put, the FBI manufactures terror threats and then Read More…

Saudi Arabia
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Saudi Arabia Is Destabilizing The World

Just a few months ago, the governor of Indonesia’s largest city, Jakarta, seemed headed for easy re-election despite the fact that he is a Christian in a mostly Muslim country. Suddenly everything went violently wrong. Using the pretext of an offhand remark the governor made about the Koran, masses of enraged Muslims took to the Read More…

Foreign Policy
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Declassified FBI Docs Show Foreign Policy — NOT Religion — Sparked Rise of Terrorism in US

Newly declassified FBI documents reveal, since 2006, “a broadening US military presence overseas” led to an 11 percent uptick in plotted terror attacks — and those attacks were orchestrated by Americans, not foreign nationals. As MuckRock reports, a records request to the Los Angeles Police Department disclosed the Intelligence Assessment written by the Los Angeles division of the FBI Read More…

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Muhammad Ali (1942-2016): Anti-War Legend and Boxing Great Dies at 74

“My conscience won’t let me go shoot my brother, or some darker people, or some poor hungry people in the mud for big powerful America… How can I shoot them poor people? Just take me to jail.” Boxing great Muhammad Ali, known around the world as a humanitarian who spoke out forcefully against racial inequality, Read More…