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Hussain Albukhaiti Interview – The US-Backed Saudi Coalition’s Fake Ceasefire & Support Of Terrorism

Joining me today once again is Hussain Albukhaiti from on the ground in Yemen. We discuss the repeated violations by the US-Backed Saudi Coalition of the ceasefire agreement, and the recent drone attack carried by the Houthis in response to these violations, as well as the startling fact that numerous members of the US-supported Hadi Read More…

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24 Civilians, Including Children, Killed In Yemen By US-Backed Saudi/UAE Airstrikes With US-Made Bombs

Reports coming in from Hussain Albukhaiti on the ground in Yemen are confirming that 21 civilian lives have been taken due to a US-backed airstrike on Okra Okro farm in Beit al-Faqih, East Hodeida, and 3 more civilians including a child were killed with a US-made MK 82 bomb in Hodeida City. While the majority Read More…

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Two More Buses Full Of Civilians Bombed In Yemen, While The Government And Its Media Focus On One Man

Every critically thinking American should be truly ashamed by the astonishing hypocrisy with which the US government conducts itself, in particular with its foreign policy.  I have been tirelessly pointing out the true nature of the US-backed Saudi blockade and bombing campaigns, that are carried out under a guise of altruism, and how the current Read More…

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US Bombs, Saudi Blockade & Manufactured Starvation – The Truth About Yemen w/ Hussain Albukhaiti

Despite the mainstream media’s best efforts to ignore and obfuscate the ongoing genocide of the Yemeni people — being carried out by the US-backed Saudi coalition — the work on the ground from within Yemen by actual investigative journalists, such as my guest today Hussain Albukhaiti, has forced the world to pay attention; it has Read More…