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Health Care Debate Exposed As Fraud, Dems And Reps Just United To Do Big Pharma Bidding

While we’re inundated with partisan nonsense over health care and Obamacare, the bipartisan FDA Reauthorization Act already allows Big Pharma to continue fleecing Americans. The circus sideshow of health care politics is providing yet another smokescreen for the real agenda of the corporate 2-party dictatorship. Contrary to the “different visions for America” portrayed by MSM Read More…

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Google Kicks Off $100 Million Project In Predictive Medicine; Seeks 10,000 Volunteers For Invasive Screening

Predictive medicine – or “precision health” as it is sometimes known – is a trend in healthcare that is growing exponentially. Perhaps the greatest indication to date that this is slated to be the future of disease prevention and patient care is a massive new investment by tech behemoth and king of the algorithm, Google. Read More…

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The Deepest Secrets Of Obamacare

Press reports indicate Obamacare is in a death spiral, because its structure is unworkable. Premiums are escalating beyond reason, insurers are opting out, and efforts to prop it up are at best a temporary fix. But when has one of its failed programs ever stopped the federal government from pushing ahead? Increase the debt, fund Read More…