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Ukraine Accused Of Staging Chem Attack, Senators Side With CIA On MSB Guilt & Persian Gulf Of Tonkin

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (12/05/18). One of the main overarching points of today, something that I have said many times, is that with all the verifiable times we have been misled and Read More…

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“Persian Gulf Of Tonkin” Ingredients All In Place For US War On Iran?

With the infamous Gulf of Tonkin incident as historical precedent, there’s a real possibility that the U.S. government could stage an incident in the Persian Gulf that would allow the Trump administration to push for military intervention in the Persian Gulf targeting Iran. TEHRAN, IRAN — Earlier this week, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani repeated an earlier threat Read More…

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54 Years Ago Today, Gov’t And Media Created & Spread ‘Fake News’ To Start The Vietnam War

Government and media lies were responsible for one of the deadliest wars in US history and it all started 54 years ago today in the Gulf of Tonkin. (TFTP) If you are to believe the official story, one of America’s deadliest wars in history, Vietnam, was started after the United States had been attacked in Read More…

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Trump Is The Latest In A Long Line Of US Presidents Trampling On International Law

Trump, like many presidents before him, essentially argues that international law must be broken if it is to be saved. With the bombing of Syria, however, he violated more than just international law. The U.S. missile attack on Syria in response to unproven chemical weapons use by the Assad regime once again puts America in violation of Read More…

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False Fags Are Real – US Has A Long History Of Lying To Start Wars

Use of the term “false flag” is often met with raised eyebrows and accusations of conspiracism. But false flags are a very real and very present feature of geopolitics — and denying that is simply denying reality. Last week, the United States, along with the United Kingdom and France, bombed Syrian government targets, ostensibly in Read More…

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Weeks Before His Assassination, JFK Ordered Full Withdrawal From Vietnam

Audio recordings from 1963 reveal that weeks before his assassination, President Kennedy was pushing for a full withdrawal of U.S. troops from Vietnam. (TFTP) Before the Gulf of Tonkin incident was used as an excuse to incite major U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War, the United States was already deploying thousands of troops to Vietnam—and Read More…