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A Jury Found Monsanto’s Roundup Caused A Man’s Cancer: Here Are 7 Foods It’s Found In

Last week, a jury ordered Monsanto to pay $289 million to a groundskeeper who repeatedly used glyphosate, the main ingredient in Roundup herbicide, while working at a school. The man, Dewayne Johnson, developed non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which is linked to glyphosate exposure according to three expert scientists who testified in the case, and the jury found the widely Read More…

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Cancer-Linked Weedkiller Found In Every Food Tested Except Broccoli

The FDA has detected significant levels of glyphosate, a commonly used herbicide, in a wide variety of foods — but it’s unlikely the agency will release these findings to the public. According to internal documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request by the Guardian and the advocacy organization U.S. Right to Know, in January of last year, FDA chemist Read More…

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15 Toxic Things Poisoning Your Children That Are Hiding In Almost Every Home

We live in a consumeristic culture that encourages us to buy numerous products we don’t need, many of which are filled with dangerous chemicals. We are constantly exposed to toxins because they’re hidden in our food, body products, “medicine,” household items, and even the air we breathe. Many of these products have misleading labels that Read More…

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Divide And Conquer: The Lies That Divide And Hide Our Common Enemy

In this technological age, information moves so quickly that by the time one story has been properly vetted — by those still choosing to uphold the all but forgotten vestiges of journalistic integrity — the masses at large have moved on to yet another unverified, anonymously sourced “bombshell” story, due to the hysterical and overhyped Read More…

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As Sanctions Hit Civilians, South Korea To Send Food & Medicine To North Korea

Mounting UN-imposed sanctions on North Korea are endangering local children and forcing cuts in both health and education. In a move no one expected, and which puts them squarely at odds with the US, South Korea on Thursday announced the provision of a new $8 million aid package for neighboring North Korea. The provision of humanitarian aid Read More…

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Canadian Study Gives More Evidence Cancer Is A Lifestyle Disease Largely Caused By Food

Shockingly, worldwide cancer rates are predicted to rise even further, and that by the year 2020, 1-in-2 women and 1-in-3 men will be diagnosed with some form of cancer. It is so common already, in fact, that it getting cancer is more common than getting married or having a first baby. The cancer industrial complex is negligent in warning people Read More…