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In The Aftermath of the Capitol Raid, The Facial Recognition Threat Persists

As pressure mounts to stop the alleged rise of “domestic terror” the U.S. government and law enforcement are increasing their use of facial recognition technology. As TLAV previously reported, facial recognition is quickly becoming the most pressing threat to privacy, and the Trump administration is setting the stage for a Biden Surveillance State. I noted Read More…

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The Trump Admin Is Setting The Stage for a Biden Surveillance State

The Biden Administration is set to inherit a massive facial recognition infrastructure which was set into motion by the Trump administration. In November, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) proposed a new rule that will exponentially expand the use of facial recognition surveillance at the border. The rule is now being opposed by several Read More…

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Amazon’s Plan To Help Police Identify Citizens In Real-Time And Predict Crimes

Two days ago NPR revealed that the Orlando Police Department is using Amazon’s facial recognition to identify peoples’ faces. Earlier this year, the ACLU sent an FOI request to the police department asking for more information about Amazon Rekognition. The title the police gave to the ACLU’s FOI request is both telling and disturbing it is called, ‘Conserving Read More…

The Daily Wrap Up
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Syria Lie Collapses, Israel Attacks, Charity Founder Arrested For Pedophilia & Facebook Scandal Continues

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (4/17/18). So over the last couple days we have seen the complete collapse of the manufactured lies in Syria. While the Q crowd have their own fairytale they’re weaving, Read More…

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Facebook Is Violating Your Privacy Via Facial Recognition Technology

On April 6, a coalition of consumer privacy organizations led by the Electronic Privacy Information Center filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, accusing Facebook of violating individual’s privacy via the company’s facial recognition practices. The complaint focuses on changes to Facebook’s policy which went into effect in early 2018, namely the ability to scan user Read More…

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Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Launches Massive Facial Recognition Program

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department recently announced they have adopted a massive biometric system in an effort to fight crime. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has made public a partnership with NEC Corporation of America (NEC) which will allow the department to utilize NEC’s award-winning facial recognition program. According to a press release, the Read More…