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Six Case Studies That Point To Massive Pedophilia Rings At The Highest Levels Of Power

Originally posted 11/15 On The Last American Vagabond  With all the speculation surrounding the Clintons, and the allegations that they are intimately tied to a massive pedophilia ring interconnected with occult practices, The Last American Vagabond wanted to present the following case studies to show that the idea of a massive pedophilia ring at the highest levels of power is Read More…

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US: Russia Hacked The Evidence Of Chemical Attack In Syria

Update: Interfax reports that the Russian military has discovered a rebel-owned chemical weapons lab in Douma. The Russian Defense Ministry says that components for Mustard Gas production were discovered along with cylinders of chlorine at a alb belonging to militants in Douma. Additionally, Moscow has said it is stunned by a French statement that Russia is obstructing OPCW experts Read More…

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Macron: “France Will Strike” If Chemical Weapons Used In Syria

French President Emmanuel Macron says he is prepared to “strike” Syria if evidence is found to support claims that President Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons against civilians, though noted that French intelligence agencies do not have any such proof. “On chemical weapons, I set a red line and I reaffirm that red line,” Macron told reporters Read More…

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Congress Demands DOJ Turn Over Evidence Related To Obama-Hezbollah Drug Trafficking

Congress has demanded that the Department of Justice turn over all documents related to a disturbing report from POLITICO that the Obama administration quashed a massive DEA investigation into a $200 million per month drug trafficking and money laundering scheme on U.S. soil which was directly funding Hezbollah’s various terror campaigns around the world. “Add Read More…

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Why Russiagate Is Nothing Like Watergate

In response to the crumbling Russiagate narrative which has seen CNN plunged into disgrace, the New York Times forced to admit that a longstanding claim in the establishment’s Russian hacking narrative has never been true, and even the most ardent establishment stalwarts admitting that the Russia hysteria has been crippling the Democratic party, I have seen many establishment loyalists who cannot bring themselves Read More…

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Weather Is Being Engineered In The Gulf – Evidence That Is Hard To Deny

In the past, we have shown you not only that geoengineering is very real, but that it is being used in real world situations on a regular basis, with zero oversight. We have shown beyond a shadow of a doubt that much of the current governmental body in the U.S. has very little concern for Read More…