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NYT Forced to Issue Embarrassing Correction, Lied About Not Supporting The Electoral College In A Bid To Banish it

The mainstream media has been busy at work admonishing the alternative media, trying to accuse us of being fake news… But if the alternative media did not exist, who would be around to call the mainstream media out on their “fake news”? The New York Times has been caught in a blatant lie, a lie Read More…

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Electoral College To Determine If “Trump Is Fit To Serve As President” On News Of Russia Hacks

In a development with the shocking potential to upend the U.S. presidential election, ten Electoral College electors have requested further insight into President-Elect Donald Trump’s alleged ties to Russia to determine “whether Mr. Trump is fit to serve as President of the United States.” Led by Christine Pelosi, daughter of Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi, Read More…