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Top Russian General Accuses US Of Training ISIS Fighters To Further Destabilize Syria

The chief of the Russian General Staff has accused the U.S. of training former ISIS fighters in Syria to further destabilize the country, Reuters reports. General Valery Gerasimov’s allegations, made in a Russian newspaper interview on Wednesday, are specifically in relation to a U.S. base in al-Tanf, a strategic border crossing that could link Syria to Iraq Read More…

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Putin Accuses “Foreign Spy Agencies” Of Supporting Terrorism To Destabilize Russia

In the first public accusation that “foreign spy agencies” are seeking to destabilize Russia made in recent years, during a meeting with Russia’s foreign intelligence agency President Vladimir Putin said that “some foreign special services” are directly supporting extremist and terrorist groups to destabilize the situation near Russia’s borders. “In general, the growing activity of Read More…

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Pentagon Requests $1.8 Billion Training Program To Combat Sectarianism It Fomented

The CIA has a known history of hiring torture experts to train extremists and paramilitary forces to do its dirty work. Next year, it plans to pay for training for Iraqi security forces who have a similar history of human rights violations, hoping to use these forces to further destabilize Syria. The release of the Read More…

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US, Israel, And Saudi Arabia Planned Overthrow Of Syrian Government In 2006

Cables reveal that before the beginning of the Syrian revolt and civil war, the United States hoped to overthrow Assad and create strife between Shiite and Sunni Muslims. Speaking from Ecuador’s embassy in London, Julian Assange revealed that the United States planned to overthrow the Syrian government as far back as 2006, several years before Read More…

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Philippine President Duterte Fears CIA Assassination, Blames U.S. for ISIS Presence

In the wake of a recent Daesh (ISIS) attack that claimed one of his country’s cities, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has expressed concern that the U.S. may be seeking to destabilize the country, even suggesting that the U.S. could attempt to assassinate him. This comes ahead of the Philippines attempting to stray away from US Read More…

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White House Press Secretary Slips Up & Admits U.S. Plans To “Destabilize Syria?”

“The goal for the United States is two-fold, as I’ve stated, it’s one to make sure we destabilize Syria, um, destabilize the conflict there, reduce the threat of ISIS. But then secondly is create the political environment, um, not just within the Syrian people, but I think you can have, work with Russia in particular to Read More…