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Exposing Controlled Opposition And Alt Media Profiteering With Titus Frost And Lift The Veil

Welcome to another episode of “The Collaboration,” where we accept, listen and entertain any perspective that stems from a genuine desire to find truth. In this episode I am joined by Titus Frost and Nathan from “Lift The Veil.” The discussion is primarily in regard to the increasingly growing issue known as “controlled opposition,” which Read More…

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Recognizing Controlled Opposition With Titus Frost: Rebel Media, David Seaman, Alex Jones And More

Trust. A word that, in modern American media, has all but lost it’s meaning. Which outlet do you trust, what organization do you blindly follow? Today, the answer should be no one. Now, that is not to imply that we should trust no one, or hold nothing sacred, as that is a recipe for an Read More…

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Pedophilia At The Highest Levels Of Power: Sidestepping Distraction, Focusing On The True Problem

Much has changed in recent years, whereas topics that once might have been wholly disregarded and deemed crazy, are now being openly discussed by the same outlets that once openly called them fake, or illegitimate. And now with no sense of irony, and not even a hint of humility or recognition that they might have Read More…

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PizzaGate Openly Acknowledged By WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks finally tweeted about PizzaGate, for the first time, by name. They linked to a PizzaGate segment by CBS Reality Check (they seem to think PizzaGate is REAL), and in the same tweet WikiLeaks linked again to the unclassified FBI report on how to spot child predators… not the most subtle message, WikiLeaks, but thank Read More…