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Ten Basic Forms Of Fake News Used By Major Media

The basic purpose of these ten forms is the presentation of a false picture of reality. You could find more forms, or divide these ten into sub-categories. The ten basic forms are: * Direct lying about matters of fact. * Leaving out vital information. * Limited hangout. (This is an admission of a crime or Read More…

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The Guardian Intentionally Distorts Assange Interview: Original Author Outraged Yet The False Story Continues

Glen Greenwald of The Intercept, has called out his former employer, The Guardian, for intentionally distorting the transcript of an interview with Julian Assange to fit their desired narrative. Such a thing is just about the worst action a journalist can be accused of, short of outright plagiarism, yet is not far off. To take another’s Read More…

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Corporate Media Admits to Publishing Viral Fake News After Independent Media Busted Them

Mangling facts for the benefit of U.S. government’s anti-Russia, anti-Trump propaganda campaign, yet again corporate media published an article — which subsequently went viral — claiming that, in an interview, Julian Assange ‘praised’ Donald Trump but ‘blasted’ Hillary Clinton because, essentially, he’s working for The Russians. It simply isn’t true. In fact, as journalist Glenn Read More…

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3 Facts the Corporate Media Isn’t Telling You About The Battle For Aleppo

The misinformation and flat out lies being circulated as truth in regards to what is currently taking place inside the city of Aleppo, is just one example of how blatantly the vast majority of mainstream media will sell knowingly false information as verified fact. Only in the world of American media is Syria considered a civil war.  Read More…

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Corporate Media Once Again Caught Spreading Falsified Information To Push Agenda

Amid the ongoing, never-ending, yet horribly failing “fake news” propaganda campaign being aggressively pushed in order to provide cover for other emerging stories, the corporate media has once again been exposed for pushing exactly the type of unresearched, poorly vetted, fraudulent news that they claim is being promulgated by the alternative media. Ridiculously enough, this is far Read More…

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How Fake News Spreads — Corporate Media Spread Story of ‘Active Shooter’ During a Knife Attack

For all the noise out of the mainstream corporate media about “fake news,” it didn’t take long for a mass knife attack at Ohio State University on Monday morning to morph into widespread reporting of an “active shooter.” Initial reports, echoed across the corporate media landscape, described the attack as a shooting — when in Read More…