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Nurse Refuses To Break Law For Cop, Cop Brutally Arrests Nurse

Whipping like wildfire across the internet late Thursday evening is arguably one of the more shocking incidents of brute force displayed by law enforcement in the United States — indeed, a rare characterization, given American policing’s interminable list of killings, beatings, corruption, lies, and general misbehavior — because, this time, the subject of a bully Read More…

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Mainstream Media Reports: “Infusions Of Young Blood Can Reverse Effects Of Aging”

Editor’s Note: As hard to digest as this story might appear, it is indeed legitimate. Concepts such as this, despite being deeply rooted in the history of elite and royal blood lines, have been made to seem, not just crazy, but impossible. Similar to the modern perception of the conspiracy theory — which we now know was an orchestrated Read More…

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Landmark State Court Ruling Says THC in Blood is NOT Sufficient Grounds for DUI

Phoenix, AZ – A Court of Appeals in Phoenix delivered a ruling on Thursday that could set a precedent as legal systems grapple with the question of driving under the influence of cannabis. “Medical marijuana users cannot be convicted of driving while under the influence of the drug absent proof that they were actually impaired, the state Read More…

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Study Shows Vegan Blood Is 8x More Effective At Killing Cancer Cells

At present, 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women in the United States will develop cancer in their lifetimes. Furthermore, the number of cancer cases is expected to double by the year 2050. Obviously, this news is distressing. However, there is hope, and the solution could be as simple as eating more unprocessed plant-based Read More…