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Amid Yemen Bloodbath And Riyadh’s Fears, Reports Of New Israel-Saudi Arms Deal

Israel and Saudi Arabia have no official diplomatic ties. Yet last year Israeli military chief of staff Lt. Gen. Gadi Eizenkot gave a shocking interview to a Saudi newspaper, in which he strongly advocated an Israeli-Saudi alliance versus Iran and its alleged “assets” in the Middle East. TEL AVIV, ISRAEL –  Israel issued a denial Thursday Read More…

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Major Global Shift As Saudi Arabia Signs Multibillion Dollar Arms Deal With Russia

The American empire is decaying and facing inevitable demise. The latest evidence of this trend can be found in recent developments in the Middle East. For approximately six years, the U.S. has spearheaded a coalition of nations that insist on the departure (and likely death) of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. Saudi Arabia was without a doubt one of the most Read More…

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Pentagon Falsifies Paperwork To Keep Syrian Rebels Armed With Quasi-Covert Program

In shades of Iran-Contra, the Pentagon will be stepping in for the CIA as arms supplier for the “moderate rebels” in Syria. The CIA program was covert, and the Pentagon’s follows suit by falsifying paperwork to mask the destination of the weaponry, as revealed by a new report from two watchdogs. On July 19, the Read More…

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US Hypocrisy: $12 Billion Arms Deal With Qatar Days After Saying It Funds Terrorism

(AntiWar) Defense Secretary James Mattis and his Qatari counterpart, Defense Minister Khalid al-Attiyah have signed a $12 billion arms deal today in Washington, a move made particularly high-profile because of the ongoing blockade imposed on Qatar by its Gulf Arab neighbors. The agreement is for the purchase of a number of F-15 fighter jets, a Read More…

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5 Things You’re Missing While the Internet Obsesses over ‘Covfefe’ and Kathy Griffin

Between last week’s bombing in Manchester, the patriotic three-day weekend in the United States, comedian Kathy Griffin’s mock beheading of President Trump on Tuesday, and the president’s recent ‘covfefe’ tweet(which is already on Wikipedia), the media and public have been busy. But as the mainstream media and left-wing faction of the country obsess over what Read More…