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Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Obtained 100 UAVs From Turkey To Use Them In Chemical Attacks: SANA

The Syrian state-run news agency SANA reports (source): Jabhat al-Nusra [SF: Hayat Tahrir al-Sham] terrorist organization has obtained 100 drones through one of the Turkish merchants with the aim of carrying out terrorist attacks with chemical substances on civilians and positions of the Syrian Arab Army from Idleb. In a report published on Monday, Russian Sputnik Agency Read More…

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Over 70 People Hospitalized In Syria’s Aleppo After Western-Backed Militants Shell City With Poison Gas – Reports

At least 73 residents of neighborhoods in Syria’s Aleppo have been treated for symptoms of toxic gas poisoning after militants attacked the residential area with gas-filled munitions, Syrian media reported. The Al-Khalidiye and Al Zahraa neighborhoods, as well as Nile Street, were targeted by rocket fire on Saturday evening, Syria’s state SANA news agency reported. Read More…

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Al-Qaeda Members In Idlib Pretend To Be ‘Democratic Activists’

On September 14, thousands of people participated in Turkish-backed demonstrations across the militant-held parts of the provinces of Idlib, Lattakia and Aleppo in northwestern Syria to protest against a potential fully-fledged offensive by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies as well as to show its support to the Turkish policy in the region. Read More…

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Terrorists & White Helmets Met In Idlib To Prep For Final Stage False Flag Chem Attack – Russian MoD

The Russian military has obtained “irrefutable” data that terrorist groups, including Jabhat an-Nusra, and the infamous White Helmets met in Idlib province on Sunday, according to the ministry’s spokesperson Igor Konashenkov. The militants plotted the final scenarios for the chemical attacks that the Syrian army are expected to make in the cities of Jisr ash-Shugur, Read More…

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Israel, US Rescue Terrorist Leaders, Intelligence Assets From Southwestern Syria Ahead Of Liberation

As the Syrian government marches forward with the liberation of the southwestern front, the United States, Europe, Israel, and Jordan are coming to the humanitarian rescue. But they aren’t rescuing civilians from terrorists or even from being caught in the crossfire. Instead, these countries have identified a group of “exceptional refugees” whose lives matter much more Read More…

White Helmets
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Syria: The White Helmets’ Final Performance

It is commonly known that when a ship is sinking, the crew does not board the lifeboats before the passengers. Most noble of all is when the captain and crew go down with the ship. Then with what level of ignobility should we assess the so-called “Syrian Civil Defense” more commonly referred to as the Read More…