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President Obama Sought NSA Intel On 1000s Of Americans During The 2016 Election

During his final year in office, President Obama’s team significantly expanded efforts to search National Security Agency intercepts for information about Americans, distributing thousands of intelligence reports across government with the unredacted names of U.S. residents in the midst of a divisive 2016 presidential election. The data, made available this week by the Office of Read More…

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Political Change is a Long and Difficult Road, But Will You Stay the Course?

As we begin this new era of the American Experiment, let us not forget the tremendous failure that was the Obama presidency; as he failed to bring about the lofty ideals of “hope and change” so elegantly preached from on-high, by which many were inspired. Instead, he won the Nobel Peace Prize while persecuting more whistleblowers Read More…

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2016: The Descent Into Chaos

“Now this is not the end,” goes the famous quote from false flag conspirator and Rothschild family friend Winston Churchill. “It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” Churchill’s quotation, of course, comes from a speech entitled “The Bright Gleam of Victory” and signaled the Read More…

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5 Key Revelations For Free Thinkers To Consider After Election 2016

The political system we have today is not the democratic republic it pretends to be. National elections are orchestrated public relations events, engineered to serve the complex interests of the plutocracy and shadow government. The perception of differences between major party candidates is limited to within a narrow spectrum of mainstream ideology, and voting has become a tool used Read More…

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A Positive Perspective on the Engineered US Election Chaos

It’s always important to keep a strong perspective on reality and the objective truth about what is happening even though we ourselves (readers, truth seekers) are humans with principles, passion, interests, needs and emotions. These are factors which sometimes can make objectivity difficult to see. Yes, we all have human attributes meant for our own Read More…

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2016 Presidential Selection: Who Did Your Voting Machine Vote For?

In the past, this country has always prided itself on the personal freedom and Constitutional rights of the individual, and oddly enough, it still does today despite the fact that the US currently ranks 41st according to the 2016 world press freedom index, and 11th on the Heritage Institute’s 2016 index of economic freedom, behind Read More…