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Chef Wins Reality Show, Uses Funds To Feed Chicago’s Homeless

Every Monday, this chef closes his restaurant to everyone but those who are homeless. He recently gambled on an opportunity to continue the compassionate gesture and won $36,000 – all of which he donated!

Chef Quentin Love isn’t like most foodies; he has a compassionate heart to help the homeless.

Every Monday for the past two years, the chef has been closing his restaurant, the Turkey Chop Grill, to everyone but Chicago’s homeless population. He does this to help out anyone in need of a tasty, hot meal, as well as to pay forward what he’s been gifted in life.

With the help of a weekly team of volunteers, Love has paid nearly $2,000 a month out of pocket to feed homeless folks over 60,000 free meals.

The generosity certainly is newsworthy, but the compassionate business model isn’t really sustainable.

Because Chef Love needed some funds to continue the tradition of feeding the homeless on Mondays, he decided to take up an opportunity offered by Guy Fiera: compete for $36,000 on the Food Network reality television show Guy’s Grocery Games.

Chef Love put his reputation on the line, but the gamble was worth it.

Not only did the kind-hearted cook win, he donated half of the prize money to continue feeding hungry Chicagoans in need, and donated the other half to the United Services Organization.

That kind of generosity is rare in this world, which is why it is something to celebrate and share, don’t you think? 

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