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New Study Shows Cannabis to be an Effective Treatment for Alzheimer’s

Scientific research continues to uncover an astonishing number of ways in which medical cannabis can treat human ailments. The latest is a clinical study conducted by Israeli researchers which found that cannabis is “a promising treatment option” for those suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. This degenerative neurological disease affects more than five million Americans and is Read More…

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Taiwan elects 1st female president and rejects pro-China party: Is Independence Next?

Rejecting the China-friendly party that has led the self-governing island for eight years, Taiwan elected Tsai Ing-wen as its first female president Saturday, handing her pro-independence party its first majority in the national legislature. With the vote count still underway, Tsai led with 60 percent of the vote, indicating a landslide victory; the ruling Nationalist party Read More…

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Whales Beaching Themselves – No One Knows Why

Earlier this week, more than 80 whales were found beached on the southern coast of India. The cause of the phenomenon is yet unknown to local officials. Over eighty whales were found beached on the southern coast of India this past Monday. As this is not the first occurrence of this type, the phenomenon is continuing to cause confusion as the Read More…

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Local Fire Marshal Resigns and Joins Armed Militia

Authorities in Harney County were shocked today when local Fire Marshal Chris Briels defected to join the armed militia groups at the Malheur County Wildlife Refuge now known as the Harney County Resource Center. Briels made the decision to resign his office after discovering FBI agents poking around the county Armory. He then followed the Read More…

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See Which Senators Voted Against The Audit Of The Federal Reserve

This Thursday, the Senate voted to reject Rand Paul’s proposal to audit the Federal Reserve. The bill needed 60 votes to pass but was rejected by a narrow margin of 53-44. “We’ve had a lot of Democrats who claim that they’re concerned about big banks and big banks controlling things and a revolving door between Wall Read More…

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Breaking News: Iran May Have Shutdown the Strait of Hormuz

Social media observers have raised concerns regarding the strategic water way known as the strait of Hormuz. No ship has passed the strait for over 15 hours now. Some would suggest that a certain amount of traffic is common due to technical and mechanical problems that periodically occur, yet the abnormal congestion can be seen Read More…