Mind Control
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Mind Control and Manufactured Consent

Through a multitude of manipulated mediums, the human mind has been subjected to one of the most diabolical atrocities perpetrated upon the human race; a form of systematic mind control which has permeated every aspect of society. From the mystery religions of ancient Greece, Egypt, India and Babylon, all the way to modern pop culture, the idea Read More…

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Propaganda Bill In Congress Could Give America Its Very Own Ministry Of Truth

In the true Orwellian fashion now typifying 2016, a bill to implement the U.S.’ very own de facto Ministry of Truth has been quietly introduced in Congress — its lack of fanfare appropriate given the bill’s equally subtle language. As with any legislation attempting to dodge the public spotlight, however, the Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Read More…

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Google is Quietly Recording Everything You Say — Here’s How to Hear It, Delete It, and Stop It

Thanks to a function of their search software, Google could have years worth of your conversations recorded, and you can hear it for yourself. Your cringe-worthy history can be heard and viewed along with a list of all your searches, at your personal Google history page. The feature was built into Google’s search function as Read More…

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US Taxpayers Forced to Pay $3 Billion for Damages in Vaccine Lawsuits — Not the Drug Companies

In 2007, the US taxpayers were told that they were responsible for the negligent actions of several large banking institutions. They were told that in order to prevent “complete and utter chaos” from a banking collapse they must give the banking cartels hundreds of billions of dollars to “bail them out.” Despite an overwhelming majority of Read More…

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Stoking Divide — Cops Adopt Own Version of U.S. Flag

Sacramento, CA – A video taken by protesters is raising some serious questions after it captured police officers wearing a modified version of the American flag on their official gear. The modified version of the flag being worn by officers entails one thin blue line, which police often contend represents the barrier between “anarchy and a Read More…

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Mainstream Media and its Distraction Tactics Enable the Crimes of the Government

By now, we’ve all witnessed selective outrage in real time — a misdeed, tragedy, or other infuriating item blows up national headlines and almost immediately receives backlash in the vein of, ‘well, why isn’t anyone irate about ___ ?’ It’s as if society has developed not only an odd hypocritical corner on the market of Read More…