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5 Pieces of Monsanto’s Corporate History We’re Not Supposed to Think About

Monsanto is quite possibly the world’s most hated company, but few know much of the history of this multi-national giant. “When a company claims its product improves on nature, many consumers happily declare the product an example of scientific progress. Equally powerful, though, is the inclination toward skepticism.” – Jesse Hicks This skepticism is the Read More…

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The Most Dangerous Man in America

The most dangerous man in America knows — without any doubt whatsoever — that the U.S. Federal Government executed the false flag terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. They know that this highly calculated and synthetic form of terrorism was perpetrated to terrorize the American people into supporting a fake War on Terror.  They actually know Read More…

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After Brussels, Calls to Ditch Europe’s Freedoms for Security

Officials claim that open borders and encryption ‘are putting the lives of European citizens at risk.’ Just one day after the coordinated attacks in Brussels, the resounding cry from governments, media, and national security experts is that we need less freedoms and more security. As they did in the wake of the Paris attacks, countries Read More…

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US Backing Saudi-Led War Crimes Against Civilians In Yemen

Yemen — Ramping up a bombing campaign the U.N. believes might constitute war crimes, the Saudi-led, U.S.-allied coalition carried out a number of airstrikes in Yemen that left over 200 people dead. Late Tuesday, Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook announced the U.S. had bombed an al-Qaeda affiliate group’s“training camp,” killing “dozens” of people, the Guardian reported. Al-Qaeda Read More…

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FBI’s “Outside Party” Revealed as Bureau Angles to Keep New Hack Secret

The FBI wants to classify its new “alternate” method of unlocking the suspected San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone, keeping it secret even from Apple itself, according to new reporting. The Guardian confirmed with government officials on Wednesday that the technique does enable the FBI to get into Syed Farook’s iPhone. That means the agency can back off from its Read More…

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Wikileaks Exposes Hillary Clinton With Gigantic Release Of Private Emails & Accuses Facebook Of Censoring It

Not long ago, Hillary Clinton was outed for hypocrisy and corruption when 3,000 emails were released from her private email server in late December of 2015. The emails detailed how a violent intervention was not really necessary in Libya, and that the invasion was less about protecting the people from a dictator than it was Read More…