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COEX Systems: Autonomous Mechanisms of the Ego

With the turn of the new year, The Last American Vagabond has taken some time to elaborate on a few of the concepts that together encompass the inner mechanisms of the human mind, including rehabilitative neuroplasticity; the idea of a postmodern perennialism. This concept investigates recurring themes in all schools of thought throughout religion, science, and philosophy, and an Read More…

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US Senate to Declare “International Martial Law” Giving the President ‘Unlimited’ Military Powers

Mitch McConnell made a surprise announcement that the Senate is ready to vote for the president to become a virtual military dictator. The U.S. Senate is poised to give President Obama, as well as the next president, unprecedented war powers that amount to declaring martial law upon the entire world. Majority leader Mitch McConnell surprised Read More…

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Fearless Ink – The Unofficial Crusade of Nearly 70 Murdered Journalists in 2015

“If this was true, it meant the ante was being upped drastically. When cops declare open season on journalists, when they feel free to declare any scene of unlawful protest a free fire zone, that will be a very ugly day – and not just for journalists.” – Hunter S. Thompson, Rolling Stone, April 1971 The business Read More…

climate change
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Climate Change: A Call To Explore What’s Real And What’s Not

There is no escaping it, climate change is a hot topic that is appearing everywhere in today’s culture with no signs of disappearing. It is as polarizing an issue as there is, dividing the public into various types of belief systems. There are so many factors at play in this subject matter that one can Read More…

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Six Huge Stories The Mainstream Media Don’t Want You To Know About

Whistleblowers, Ecocide, top secret trade deals, and shady ties between the Islamic State and the West’s closest allies…here are a few hot topics the mainstream media barely covered in 2015. 1. Any Tragedy That’s Not Western-Centric   The outpouring of fury, despair and grief by the corporate press over the November 13 Paris attacks highlighted the bias of the Read More…

opium trade
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Operation Enduring Freedom: The United States Opium Trade

The occupation of Afghanistan has fallen off the media’s main stage in recent years, yet it remains one of the longest, and debatably one of the most botched military operations in US history. Aside from the continued US presence, there remains an unaccountable and unjustifiable amount military contractors of which the Pentagon cannot explain. Those contractors now vastly Read More…