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US Revives Debunked Conspiracy Theories About Russia Hacking The Electrical Grid

While they always stopped short of official allegations in the past, US officials have, since 2016, repeatedly insinuated that Russia had been trying to hack the US electrical grid. Thursday, the Trump Administration directly made those allegations for the first time. This new report appears to be timed to come out with new US sanctions against Russia, Read More…

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FOIA Requests Reveal Tor Project’s Close Ties To US Government

The Tor Project – a private nonprofit known as the “NSA-proof” gateway to the “dark web,” turns out to be almost “100% funded by the US government” according to documents obtained by investigative journalist and author Yasha Levine. The Tor browser, launched in 2001, utilizes so-called “onion routing” technology developed by the US Navy in 1998 to Read More…

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New US Cyber Attack Policy Makes Nuclear Strike On Iran More Likely Than Ever

The recently leaked draft of the Pentagon’s Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) has revealed a number of concerns, including the allegation that Russia has a nuclear underwater drone with a range of 10,000 km and the ability to devastate U.S. ports and harbors. A more recently highlighted bombshell in the NPR alleges the Pentagon will find other arenas to Read More…

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Is Facebook Using Your Phone’s Camera And Microphone To Spy On You?

Do you ever feel like you’re being watched when there’s nobody else around? Decades ago, if the answer to that question was ‘yes’, doctors might’ve advised you to see what they called a headshrinker. But technological progress has a funny way of turning situations on their head. For example, at the turn of the 20th Read More…

Information-Industrial Complex
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The Information-Industrial Complex

When WWII ended and the American deep state welded the national security establishment into place with the National Security Act, the world entered into a new era: the era of the military-industrial complex. But when the Cold War ended and the “Clash of Civilizations” became the new existential threat, the deep state found an opening Read More…