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The Organized Government Attack On Cryptocurrency – The Revolution Can’t Be Stopped

Today we saw a major drop in the cryptocurrency market, and simply by looking at the coordinated timing of the different government statements and releases, it becomes clear that this was a concerted effort to bring down the market. Now whether that was to be able to slide in and scoop up all the currency Read More…

The Daily Wrap Up
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Hawaii Missile Psyop Deepens, Totalitarian Border Patrol & The New US-Led Kurdish Army In Syria

*Update: As it turns out, Bill Clinton was in Hawaii the day before the missile psyop took place. Take that for what you will, but I find that to be quite an interesting “coincidence.” So it turns out Bill Clinton was in Hawaii, the day before the Missile psyop, Great find @steveouttrim #hawaiimissilealert #HawaiiFalseAlarm Read More…

South Korea
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Cryptos Surge As South Korea Backs Away From Trading Ban

After what has seemed like a non-stop barrage of bad news for crypto bulls from South Korea, we noted some cracks in the foundation of the anti-cryptocurrency push as the ministry of finance refused to support the ministry of justice’s exchange shutdown bill. Tonight we get further clarification that the end of South Korean crypto trading Read More…

The Daily Wrap Up
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The Daily Wrap Up – 1/11 – FISA Act, Fake Syrian “Atrocities,” Censorship And Crypto Confusion

Welcome to another episode of The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours. I would like to begin by addressing that some are criticizing certain sources that have been used in recent shows, and I want to remind Read More…

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South Korea Readies Ban On Cryptocurrency Trading As Police & Tax Agency Raid Exchanges

South Korea’s justice minister has announced legislation is in the works to ban cryptocurrency trading after police and tax authorities reportedly raided the country’s biggest exchanges in a tax evasion probe. “There are great concerns regarding virtual currencies and the justice ministry is basically preparing a bill to ban cryptocurrency trading through exchanges,” Park Sang-ki told Read More…

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Bitcoin Isn’t The Bubble – The Global Financial System Is

Pretty much every article you read about Bitcoin in the mainstream press ends up in the same place. You may not hear it until the seventh or eighth paragraph, but eventually you’ll be told that the whole thing is nothing more than a modern day “tulip bubble.” The more creative types will also throw around the South Read More…