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4 Serious Ways A Conviction For Driving Under The Influence Will Affect You

Being convicted of driving under the influence means more than not being able to drive for a few days, paying a fine, and attending a class. The conviction will have consequences that affect your life for a long time. Before you are tempted to think that little will change once the verdict is in, consider these four ways that things will never be quite the same again.

Losing Your Driving Privileges

You understand the three day suspension that began when the officer arrested you, but do you realize that the circumstances surrounding the arrest could lead to a longer suspension? This is especially true if you have any other convictions during the last five years.

How will using public transport affect your ability to hold down a job? What will it mean in terms of running routine errands like grocery shopping? Will you be able to meet up with your friends when you have to plan ahead to call a cab or figure out what bus connections would get you there on time? That is what your life will be like once that DUI charge becomes a conviction.


Some Job Opportunities Will Go Away

As understanding as your boss may be about the temporary lapse in judgment, the conviction is likely to make you less than an ideal candidate for some advancement opportunities. Given the choice between you and someone with similar skills and a clean criminal record, the other person will usually end up with the promotion.

Even if you are content in your present position, what would happen if your employer went out of business? With a DUI conviction on your record, some prospective employers will pass over you in favor of someone who has no such record. That could mean having to settle for lower pay and less benefits.

Getting Credit Will Be More Difficult

Lenders and credit card companies do conduct background checks before extending loans or credit card offers. It’s not all about your credit score, your steady job, and the fact you have little in the way of debt. Once the background check confirms you have a recent DUI conviction, that will have an impact on your ability to secure that car loan or financing to buy a home.

Your conviction provides evidence that you are not always responsible. Lenders will consider you to be more of a risk. As a result, your loan application may be rejected. At best, expect to pay higher interest rates.

Auto Insurance Rates Increase

The conviction will also affect the ability to secure and maintain auto insurance. As with financial lenders, insurance companies will consider you to be a higher risk. If your policy is not renewed at the end of the term, expect for the premium to increase.

Always take an arrest for driving under the influence seriously. As soon as possible, contact one of the Barrie DUI lawyers and begin to prepare a defence. Doing so will make it easier to work toward the best possible outcome.

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