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Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About The Israeli Military Coming To Alaska?

Israel will be testing their Arrow 3 weapons system from the island of Kodiak, just off the coast of Alaska. 62 shipping containers that have been renovated into sleeping quarters for the Israeli troops and have already been shipped to the Pacific Spaceport Complex-Alaska, where the missile tests will take place. Yet, we’ve heard nothing on mainstream media about foreign troops coming to train on American soil.

The secret behind military operations and missile launches is the pollution left behind, mainly from the toxic rocket fuel. That fuel is difficult to transport, ship, store, use, and to clean up. Kodiak is still being cleaned up from the mess made back during WW2! The Pentagon has already admitted that it can not be cleaned up completely.

62 Shipping Containers renovated into sleeping quarters at PSC-A, Kodiak.
Fencing with barbed wire on top have recently been installed at PSC-A, Kodiak.


Since being built in 1998, the spaceport has had 17 launches and two of them exploded. The last explosion in 2014 caused the spaceport to close off large areas to the public which restricted access for over a year. Since then, a new road and more launch pads have been constructed on a ridge above the public’s favorite recreational area, Fossil Beach, further exposing people to contamination from rocket fuel. The most recent contract of $80 million dollars with the Missile Defense Agency has escalated more development during the last year that includes an expanded housing area for the Israeli military, and a new road leading to another launch pad.

The reason given for Israel to begin testing their missiles (funded and developed by both Israel and America) is that the Arrow 3 interceptor is an exoatmospheric missile. The missile literally flies into space and comes back to crash on Earth’s surface. Being that the Mediterranean Sea is too small an area to test such a missile, they somehow managed to squeeze their way into pristine Alaskan territory. The question then would be asked, who is Israel targeting? Why do they need missiles to go above and beyond the Mediterranean Sea?

The land provided for the Israeli military on Kodiak Island at the Pacific Spaceport Complex is public land leased from the State of Alaska and is not federal land, where most all other US Department of Defense test sites are located. This should obligate the DOD and the Alaska Aerospace Corporation to be better stewards of the land but it doesn’t seem to be working out that way. Further, there seems to be little to no control over any of the development by either the local Kodiak Island Borough or the state. Normal zoning codes have not been applied by the local government and no taxes have been levied.


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3 Replies to “Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About The Israeli Military Coming To Alaska?

  1. Kodiak Island, Alaska is the home to the Kodiak Bear. Which is the Biggest Species of Bear on The Planet. It is the Grizzly`s Big Brother, and it is Only Found on Kodiak Island, No Where Else. Now Trump; Netanyahoo`s Shoe Shine Boy, is going let the Zionists Test their Arrow Missile, earmarked to Incinerate Iran`s Shia Muslims for Sunni Saudi Arabia; on Kodiak Island; which should be a Wild Life Refuge.

  2. the land is NOT registered to the State of Alaska

    the land has never been deeded FROM anyone TO anyone

    In contract documents, the US military is careful to always characterize much of its possession of land in Alaska as “occupation”

    Adverse possession is 100% legal. You will not get the military off of that land.

  3. Why does the west continue to give Israel military support? Until Israel stops committing atrocities against it’s neighbours all support of this country should cease. It is so sad that non-Zionist Jewish people have been unable to reign in their so called leaders who are even more vicious than the European regimes that committed the holocaust. Let Israel go it alone and they may learn some humility and actually perform some good deeds for their neighbouring countries.

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