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Adam Green Interview – The Dual Loyalty “Trope” & Why Every American Should Be Talking About It

Joining me today is Adam Green, here to discuss what was very recently a taboo topic that was quickly censored on social media, yet has now been forced into the MSM discussion due to recent statements made, and then reaffirmed the following day, by Donald Trump. Of course this is the discussion around the idea Read More…

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Trump Budget Would Slash Domestic Spending, Boost Military Spending

On Monday, President Trump will officially propose his new budget plan, which calls for major cuts in domestic spending across the board, but which also seeks a large further increase in military spending, above and beyond the increases already planned. Exact figures aren’t clear at this point, but what is clear is that the general direction Read More…

Middle Class
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Middle Class Destroyed: 50 Percent Of All American Workers Make Less Than $30,533 A Year

The middle class in America has been declining for decades, and we continue to get even more evidence of the catastrophic damage that has already been done.  According to the Social Security Administration, the median yearly wage in the United States is just $30,533 at this point.  That means 50 percent of all American workers make Read More…

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Trump Threatens To Send Military To Shut Down Border With Mexico

After a couple of days of non-specific threats regarding a planned migrant caravan heading from Honduras and El Salvador to the US, President Trump is now threatening to send the military to the US-Mexico border, and to close the border entirely. Trump declared the caravan an “assault on our country,” claiming it is “far more important Read More…

The Daily Wrap Up
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US Strong-arm Lobbying, Yemen Ignored, Israel Censorship/Suppression & The US 3rd World Nation

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (7/11/18). While police forces across the country began a process of militarization when President Reagan intensified the “war on drugs,” complete with SWAT teams and flash-bang grenades, the Read More…

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Immigrant Children Forcibly Injected With Psychotropic Drugs Under Obama & Trump—Lawsuit

A lawsuit claims that immigrant children have been separated from their parents and forcibly injected with powerful psychiatric drugs since at least 2013. Houston, TX – (TFTP) A federal lawsuit filing on April 23 in an ongoing class-action lawsuit revealed that immigrant children separated from their parents—during both the Obama and Trump administrations—were allegedly held down Read More…